In almost all relevant spheres of global interaction, there needs to exist a clear understanding of the motive behind actions and decisions taken by states, policy makers, international organisations and non-state actors.

Cognizant of a large gap between the availability of information and the analysis of actions, a group of academics and graduate students with varying opinions and backgrounds decided to come together and form Initiative for Policy Research & Analysis.

At InPRA, we will initially start with a concentrated focus on developing nations while adopting an outward looking approach towards their foreign policy. Multiple dimensions of the same such as international law and  South-South trade shall also be covered by us.  While disseminating information and opinions in a journalistic manner, we hope to bring an academic and professional analysis of crucial issues to our readers.

Through our OpEds and occasional research papers we intend to give the global young academic a medium through which he/she writes about what they believe is key to an international issue.

However, it may be noted that All opinions given are the views of the authors and InPRA does not support or validate any academic viewpoints/stances/approaches/ideologies.  InPRA and all it’s regular writers strive to maintain a level of academic neutrality and none of the personnel/organisations not directly involved with the drafting and writing of an OpEd/Research Paper shall be liable for the ideas/views/etc of the author and/or editor and/or contributor.

We hope you will critique our arguments, find your position on global concerns and question policy makers and policies more actively. We aim to share local opinions but with a global perspective as you keep interacting and reading our work.

We would also be more than happy to showcase any academic work relevant to our endeavors that you might want to share.

Our Partners


GA Monitoring LogoWe’re glad to announce that we’ll be working very closely with GA Monitoring which is a policy intelligence service provider based in the EU.  GA Monitoring provides private and public sphere clients with tailor-made European Union legislative and regulatory intelligence, institutional insights and training in all policy fields. Through exhaustive policy coverage it enables organisations and associations of all types, from SMEs to NGOs, to better navigate the European regulatory environment. For more information, please send an e-mail to info@gamonitoring.eu

Dial LogoInPRA has partnered with The Dialogue. It is an independent digital media institution that publishes authoritative and insightful articles, highlighting and analysing developments that impacts India. By analysing and reporting trends in India’s policy space and connecting people with policy, The Dialogue envisages taking India forward to its rightful place in the future – a force to reckon with and an important global player.


 EU Foreign Policy Research Group is a team of young researchers and analysts covering the topic of the EU relations with other international actors. The group focuses on monitoring the latest developments in the number of regions of the world and analysing their impact on the EU. The aim of the group is to produce credible, unbiased material on a regular basis which will bring the topic of foreign policy closer to young people.
Nutcracker Logo“Nutcracker Media” is an international information portal containing analytical articles, videos, and infographics on political, cultural, economic and historical issues straight from Russia. The team monitors the renewing flow of analytical data and scans dozens of national publications daily, publishing the most representative and reliable articles. Their main task is to create the environment in which the domination of one point of view in the media will give way to an equal and mutually beneficial exchange of opinions. With that common aim in mind, InPRA hopes to work with Nutcracker to make it reality.
Bu ER LogoInPRA and  Bu Er Magazine come together to cover China and it’s policy concerns. Bu Er is a print and online magazine specialized in everything China-related. Collectively we hope to showcase the young voices from and about China. They seek to create an accessible map of Chinese culture, society, politics and economy. Together, we decided to present this vast nation on two levels; one that jumps into the dusty old jewelry box capturing the cultural-historic China, and another that explores the contemporary socio-economic China as we watch out for the running giant.


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